How Much Is My Case Worth?

How Much Is My Case Worth?

Determining the Value of an Industrial Injury Claim

"How much is my case worth?”

“I know it's early, but in your vast experience, how much money can I expect to clear?"

These are questions that we often hear from clients before medical legal discovery has been completed, and before we have investigated the claim through medical evaluations. The prevailing answer is generally "I don't know."

In determining the value of an industrial injury and claim, many variables could influence the value of claim. These include the age of the injured workers, their occupation, the physician providing the information, among many other factors. Due to these multiple factors, many of which are not determined until an injured worker has reached maximum medical improvements, early estimations are extremely difficult to determine. Moreover, if a speculative estimation is provided, in most cases it will incur the ire of the client if they do not receive as much as predicted.

Therefore, to all clients and injured workers everywhere, we say this: Please believe that we wish we could make accurate predictions of your "financial" recovery but most of the time we can, at most, speak in the most general and broad terms—and even then, not very accurately.

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