Stress Claims

Stress Claims

Is Stress Covered Under Workers’ Compensation?

This is a rather complicated subject. We probably get more calls for this type of injury than any other. The calls range from stress due to overwork (generally after a downsizing), to the boss being “mean.”

"Psyche claims" were prevalent before 2013. Now, new laws restrict monetary compensation significantly. Today, there are narrow parameters that allow an individual to obtain permanent disability benefits, mostly for claims involving violent acts or extremely egregious behavior by an employer.

At The Bridgeford Law Office, when we agree to pursue one of these stress claims, our attorneys advise the injured employee that they must be prepared to have their life examined in great detail at a deposition. We also tell them that we need to show that most of the stress is due to the employment injury as opposed to outside stressors. All in all, stress claims can be challenging, but they can be done.

If you’ve been put under undue stress at work, you may be eligible to file for workers’ compensation. The Bridgeford Law Office is here to help. Contact our team of attorneys at (661) 771-3004 or via our online form to learn more.