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Overview of Workers’ Compensation Claims in California

California's workers’ compensation system is called a “no-fault” system. This generally means that a work injury results from an accident through no fault of the employer or the employee.

When an injury occurs and a claim is filed, it is not a civil or personal injury lawsuit. This means that the employer is not being sued; the injury is reported to the employer’s insurance carrier, resulting in a claim. 

When employees are injured while at work, specific responsibilities must be fulfilled by both employees and employers for workers’ compensation claims to go smoothly. 

Employer Responsibilities

As an employer, you are responsible to the best of your ability for providing a safe environment at work to prevent injuries. If an employee is injured, you must complete a workers’ compensation claim form and forward it to your workers’ compensation carrier. If the injured employee needs medical attention, allow them to see the company doctor or leave work to see their own physician. Ensure that you do not violate any laws or the rights of the injured employee.

Your next step is cooperating with your workers’ compensation carrier and their attorneys during the injury investigation. Provide any necessary documents, such as your payroll history or a copy of the injured employee’s personnel file. If they want to interview the injured employee’s supervisor or co-workers, allow them to speak without obstruction. Your attorney can help you take care of these requests if needed.

Allowing Injured Workers to Come Back to Work

You are also responsible for welcoming an injured employee back to work once they are physically ready. You may not penalize or terminate an employee simply for filing a workers’ compensation claim. You can face serious civil or criminal charges by doing so.

Avoiding Fraud

Finally, you must assist your state workers’ comp board to ensure you are not committing fraud. While it is true employees can fraudulently file for workers’ compensation, employers can also fail to process the appropriate workers’ compensation forms. When employers fail to provide insurance carriers with the correct claims forms, it could lead to an increase in premiums.

Contested Claims 

In matters that become contested (or litigated), a workers’ compensation claim is typically brought before the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board through an attorney on behalf of the injured worker. This Board then assumes jurisdiction, allowing the parties to address disputed issues before that body.

Employee Responsibilities

As an employee, you must act responsibly while at work. If you’re injured while intoxicated or after knowingly violating a policy or code meant to protect you, you may not be entitled to workers’ compensation. 

Report Your Injuries 

After an injury, you must report it to your immediate supervisor or employer. You may forfeit workers' comp benefits if you do not report your injury within 30 days. Once you tell your employer, they will fill out a workers’ compensation claim form and send it to their insurance carrier. Review the form and request a copy for your own records.

Cooperate with the Insurance Company

Cooperate with any requests made by the insurance company. For example, you may need to see an in-network physician; failing to do so may raise suspicions or result in a penalty. Also, be smart about how you act at work and home after injury. Insurance companies are known for hiring private investigators to follow injured employees around. 

While this doesn’t happen often, your employer may resort to these tactics if you give them any reason to suspect your workers’ comp claim is false. If you have made up an injury, you may face severe problems if caught.

Most importantly, you’ll want to focus on recovery and returning to work. An attorney can help ensure you receive the compensation you need for medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages, disability, and more.

How We Can Help

Whether you are approaching this claims process for the first time or have already encountered red tape, our firm is ready to intervene and fight for your best interests. 

The Bridgeford Law Office can assist: 

  • Claimants who are submitting their very first workers' compensation claim
  • Employers who are seeking to protect their business and their employers after a work injury
  • Claimants who have had their workers' comp claim denied
  • Employers facing fraudulent claims
  • Claimants who have received "lowball" benefits that do not cover their needs

If you believe you fall into one of the above categories, our workers’ compensation attorneys in Santa Clarita are ready to assist you. Our firm works closely with injured workers and business owners throughout the legal process. We work tenaciously to ensure worker claims prove candidacy for workers’ comp benefits and that employer and employee best interests are protected.

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