Can Coronavirus (Covid-19) Be The Basis Of A Workers Compensation Claim Or Injury?


Can You Get Workers’ Comp If You Get COVID At Work?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people across the country have been sheltering in place to slow its spread. Yet, many people work in essential fields, or simply can’t afford to quit their jobs. These individuals are at risk of getting infected every time they go to work. While this situation is new and unprecedented enough that there aren’t many conclusive answers out there, our Santa Clarita workers’ compensation attorneys at The Bridgeford Law Office believe that COVID-19 has the potential to be a valid basis of a workers’ compensation claim.

This would be especially true for people who have to be in close contact with confirmed coronavirus patients, such as physicians and healthcare workers. However, public safety officers (such as first responders) and educators may also be able to file for workers’ compensation if they come down with the coronavirus while on the job.

Virtually anyone who’s job places them in contact with the public should be eligible. This would include transportation employees, taxi drivers, bus drivers, grocery store workers, and anyone else who puts themselves at risk every day to help others.

Can I File a COVID Wrongful Death Claim?

Unfortunately, it’s a bit early to tell—and we certainly aren’t doctors! But we can say this: If a person as described above were to die as the result of COVID-19, we believe it would most certainly be the basis of a death claim on behalf of their dependents.

What if I Suffer Permanent Disability from COVID?

Furthermore, any residual impairment or damages to one’s heart or lungs—i.e. from the corona virus to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems—should likewise be covered and compensable under California workers’ compensation law.

This is a developing situation and we will continue to post updates as we learn more about the virus and how it affects workers’ compensation claims. In the meantime, please stay safe and reach out to our firm if you need anything—we’re here to help!

Reach out to our Santa Clarita workers’ compensation attorneys if you or a loved one have been diagnosed with the coronavirus or been injured due to or at work. We remain fully operational at this time and can conduct all business over the phone. Call us today at (661) 387-3712.

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