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How Much Are Attorney Fees for a Workers’ Compensation Claim?
How Much Are Attorney Fees for a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

In California, an injured worker is generally not supposed to pay out of pocket to their attorney for legal representation in a workers’ compensation claim . Should an injured worker obtain a settlement or award as the result of their claim, when the award or settlement is ...

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Blog posts in Workers' Compensation

  • The Two Main Types of Work Injuries You Can Claim in Workers’ Comp

    One of the biggest misunderstandings among California workers is not realizing that there are two different kinds of injuries a person can suffer ...

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  • Can Coronavirus (Covid-19) Be The Basis Of A Workers Compensation Claim Or Injury?

    Can You Get Workers' Comp If You Get COVID At Work? Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people across the country have been sheltering in place to slow ...

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  • Designate Your Treating Physician Before You Suffer a Workers' Compensation Injury

    Seldom do workers in California consider if they have a legal right to select their treating physician before they suffer a Workers' Compensation ...

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  • Can I Sue My Employer in Civil Court for My Workers' Compensation Injury?

    Usually not. When they drew up the "Workers Compensation Act" (before most of us were even born) the employer gave up their right to assert ...

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  • My Gardner's Worker Hurt Himself in My Front Yard; Will He Sue Me for Workers' Compensation?

    It depends, of course. The most important consideration may be whether the worker’s boss has a contractor’s license and, of course, whether he has ...

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  • What Happens to My Family If I Die From a Work Accident?

    If your death is the result of an accident on the job your “dependents,” (i.e. wife, minor children, etc.) may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation ...

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  • Fibromyalgia, Is It Real and Can It Be Caused or Aggravated by My Work?

    There was a period years ago where all one had to do to be deemed 100 percent permanently disabled from fibromyalgia was to memorize 18 areas on your ...

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  • Workers' Compensation Benefits: Are They Enough to Get You By?

    That depends on your needs. We are currently talking about only two thirds of your salary or wages based upon what the insurance community calls your ...

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  • Doing Business Without Workers Compensation Insurance? It Can Be a Recipe for Disaster

    I don’t know how many times my secretary has told me that some small business owner was in the lobby wanting to talk to me about a “problem” he or she ...

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