Workers’ Compensation Benefits: Are They Enough to Get You By?


That depends on your needs. We are currently talking about only two thirds of your salary or wages based upon what the insurance community calls your “Average Weekly Wage” or AWW. Your AWW is calculated by obtaining your salary history for the year preceding your injury date and then dividing by 52. Whatever it is, you get two thirds of that amount per week – paid biweekly.

This is your temporary total disability (TTD) benefit rate and it is meant to tide you over until you are well enough to go back to work. There is a maximum (as well as a minimum) wage ceiling which is currently at $1,515.75, rendering a maximum TTD rate of $1,010.50 per week. This means that high earners would get significantly less than two-thirds of their AWW. Another consideration is the fact that there is a limit on how long an injured worker can collect TTD. The current cap is 104 weeks or two years, and even then, it will only apply for as long as the worker is unable to work. It must also be remembered that while TTD serves an important purpose, it is certainly no long-term substitute for the wages an employee can earn.

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