What Happens to My Family If I Die From a Work Accident?


If your death is the result of an accident on the job your “dependents,” (i.e. wife, minor children, etc.) may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits up to $320,000.00 – depending upon the number and type of dependents you leave behind.

Inclusive in the benefits your family may be entitled to is a lump sum burial expense benefit of $5,000.00. However, if you want your family to get in on these benefits, you have to die within 240 weeks from the date of your injury or your claim may be barred. Often times, death claims are disputed by employers resulting in litigation and sometimes settlements for a sum less than the statutory maximum, as noted above. If you leave no dependents behind the money may revert to the state of California by process of Escheat. Obviously, you are irreplaceable and your family would probably like to have you around instead of receiving Workers’ Compensation benefits so let’s start the new year off by being safe on the job.

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